About Our Service

You can count on KLM Garage Doors for the best garage door repair and maintenance in Malvern, PA. We offer the latest door, opener, spring, pulley, cable and roller services all at a great value! Our technicians are trained and capable of handling any issue you’re having whether it’s a minor repair or a major garage door renovation.

We’re a local family-owned company. We care deeply about the homeowners we serve in Malvern and know what it takes to get the results you expect. Our level of service can’t be matched. We are typically able to get to you the same day you call and resolve any issues you’re having with your garage door. We know garage door troubles can be frustrating. You feel stuck when you need to be at work or school. Life can come to a halt almost. At KLM Garage Doors, we’ll get your door working again fast so your life can get back to normal.

Garage Door Services

When you need garage door repair or service, you want solutions from the best team possible. KLM Garage Doors technicians are trained on the latest and widest variety of garage door types and models. We have years of experience working with every kind of garage door, so we’re confident we’ll be able to fix whatever problem you’re having.

Modern garage doors have more parts and integrated technology than ever. Many garage doors have awesome benefits for consumers that make your home safer and your garage door easier to use. However, developments in garage door technology mean you need expert help when things aren’t working correctly. We deal with a wide range of repairs on every type of door. Spring issues and trouble with garage door openers are the most common issues we deal with. Here’s our basic approach to these important services.

  • Garage Door Opener Repair – Garage door openers are made of electrical components that work with a motor to drive the garage door’s function. It makes the opening and closing go smoothly. When openers malfunction, it can stop your garage door from moving altogether. We train our technicians on all of the latest opener models, so we guarantee we can fix any issue you’re dealing with to get it performing well again. Whether it’s replacing a broken component or recommending an updated model, we’ll design a custom solution that works for you.
  • Garage Door Spring Repair – Springs help balance the weight of your garage door and manage tension as it opens and closes. Garage door springs are extremely strong and durable, but even they need to be replaced after years of wear and tear. We can give you a quick repair estimate over the phone and get your springs updated fast.

Emergency Garage Door Repairs

At KLM Garage Doors, we work hard to make sure you get help in an emergency. We pride ourselves on being the best-equipped and best-resourced team in Malvern, PA, so we’ll get to you fast when you need us. Our team knows to prioritize emergency repairs because we know how frustrating it can be when your garage door isn’t working! We do our best to get there the same day you call so you’re never left worrying about when your garage door will be fixed. Our technicians will stop whatever the problem is and work with you on a long-term solution. All this is done with the ability to adapt to your schedule and work within your budget. We want to fix your garage and minimize disruption to your normal life as much as possible.

All of this comes with a dedication to excellent work quality and superior customer service. As a local company, we know how much homeowners in the areas we serve care about service and attention to detail. We bring that passion for excellence on every project.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

Dedication to our clients drives everything that we do. We know our success is built on our ability to deliver great results. We’ll do everything we can to become your long-term garage door service provider. You’ll experience the KLM Garage Doors difference from the first call through the final inspection of your repaired garage door. Our entire team is excited to help you get the most out of your garage!

Call KLM Garage Doors today to hear more about our services or to set an appointment. Don’t deal with the frustrations of a malfunction garage door any longer. Our teams will be there fast to get your door back on track.