Importance of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs carry all the weight of your door, their condition, and the way installed, affects the whole system, which make the spring one of the top priority part in your setup.


Extension Springs are common mainly at single panel door setups, they are the older technology but still fairly common. Extension springs extend to create a counterforce to support the door. Although they provide the necessary force for the job, this method creates a faster wear and tear, and require safety cables to protect the surroundings when it eventually breaks.

Torsion Spring is the newest and safest technology, the torsion spring does not move much, and creates the counterforce by twisting strongly inwards. This method makes the spring a huge danger to install, but much safer to the users and the surrounding ones, and provides it with a much longer lifespan.

Safety Risks

Garage door springs can carry hundreds of pounds, they are built to provide great power. In case of incorrect installation, when garage door spring break, it can be shot out of the system and put in danger everything and everyone around it.

The installation process is very delicate and require following strict safety guidelines. Improper installation can be a risk to human life.

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Our Job

It’s highly important to know how to handle garage door springs, install them correctly, choose the right springs, and stay up-to-date with cutting edge technologies. Deep knowledge is required to keep you safe and provide you with the highest value for your money. We study the best practices for years, the physics behind overhead door springs, and we keep our staff updated with the newest models on the market. It is our responsibility to provide the best, and the safest solutions to our customers.